Friday, April 9, 2010

Just running news....

Alright well another week is almost over in the life of hard training. Things have been moving along awesomely since the last race. I wasn't quite sure how long it would take for my body to really get back into the swing of things since I was actually surprisingly sore after the Xterra Race in Folsom. Oh well, guess that means I was putting out some effort.
This past week wasn't too hard, overall, with the exception of the long 16 miler on Monday night. That really wasn't even that difficult after about mile 7 which is where my legs finally felt like they could go the whole distance without collapsing under the weight of carrying me around. Rest of the week was pretty much recovery miles with todays challenge being a 10 mile total run with some quick speed intervals in the middle. Bring on the pain!!!!
Good news is that I have one more week until the Apple Hill Blossom Trail Run which should be challenging and amazing at the same time. Diane puts on a pretty good race! The best part about this race is that my dad is going to run the 3 mile course....and I think mom, hoping her ankle will be fine, is going to do the run with him! SWEET!!!! The whole running thing is finally becoming something that we are all doing together.
Alright, well have a great day and I'll throw you some news later about what else is crappening in the running circle that I like to call life.

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  1. nice run! I'm sure it was good to see Dianne and the crew as well.
    glad you're bloggin' - at the very least, it an easy way to have something to look back on in future months or years, and show the kids "yeah, i did that!"