Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A runner.. but why??

Running as defined by is "To move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride" or " To move without hindrance or restraint."
So after sitting here at work today trying to stay warm because, yes, it is snowing again here in wondeful South Lake Tahoe, I have finally decided what running really is to me.
Originally, running was basically called jogging as I was a little chunk trying to run away the pounds. There was a skinny kid trapped inside of this body that just needed some guidance. Constant motion with one foot in front of the other seemed to be a good starting point. 3 miles though, you have got to be kidding me. That first 3 mile run was a pain in the ass.....legs, feet, back, stomache, head, and every other body part! However, the weight started going and I started to enjoy it.
Alright, Chapter 2, running became a part of my lifestyle. Not only was it a way to continue staying in shape but I started becoming interested in the racing and competitive portion of it. Wow, that was an eye opener and, surprisingly, I become pretty good. Confidence booster and self achievement became the new reasons for running. I could do something.....Something that required just myself and my ability. Self achievement and gratification is amazing when there is nobody else involved but you! Hey, look at it this way, win or lose it is all on you! Who else can you blame when you give up or slow down and try to convince yourself that you are too tired to continue? Exactly, finding what you are really made of inside is amazing.....and running can do that!
Now that I have been through the first 2 chapters of what running has meant to me, lets go for Chapter 3. You ready for this one? Along with weight loss and self achievement, running has been the greatest mental release ever. I love the runs when that damn stress seems to be overflowing in every other aspect of my life. Lacing up the shoes, throwing the ear phones in my ears, putting the beanie over the head, turning on the garmin, and hitting the pavement is the ultimate release. Release from the rest of the world. No phone ringing, nobody else trying to get in your head. Heck, get all that crap out of your head and just let those thoughts flow. I can't believe the things that came from this mind when I am "in constant motion". Some people ask me why I run so many miles and what it takes to run all of them without a training partner or anything. "I can't believe you do that, I can't motivate myself to go alone, I could never run that many miles". BS!!! Everybody can run! Look where I started and look where I am now. I know not everybody will use it for the same reasons but, to me, running has been the best way to release all of the negative thoughts. Brings me back to earth and all of the real reasons that we are here.
I hope you all enjoy seeing this post and reading what running has become and what it could become for you if you focus and use it for what its worth. Have a great day!!

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  1. well said. this wasn't during my "chapter 1" but i hurt so bad after a race once that my teeth hurt. My TEETH!! Needless to say, I'll never forget that one...and the guy who outkicked me at the end was walking around shaking hands and saying hi while I was crumpled on the roadside, with apparent inscisor & molar oxygen debt. I like that people assume it gets easier as you get in better shape. It does in some respects, or if you go the same distance or same pace, but i don't think it's easier now than 15 years ago...I'm in better shape, so I just push harder. I wish I had the pain tollerance I have now when I was in high school!