Monday, April 12, 2010

Step back in time....

So here we are in April of 2010 in which the time seems to be flying by. Running is going great with the exception of a slight calf injury at the moment which really made me think of stepping back into last year. Why is this?, you are asking. Well lets see, it all begins in May 2009 when some jackass decided to steal my truck. Holy crap! Yeah, thats right but thats not the crazy part of this whole situation. Yours truly decides to play superhero and jump on the side of the truck to stop the little thug from driving away in said pickup truck. Well stuff like that doesn't happen like it does in the movies because the window wouldn't break like a Bruce Willis movie or some other crazy S.O.B. with insane movie strength. Okay, so back to the story....I then proceed to get dumped off the truck while he runs over my right foot breaking a bone on the top of it in the process. Needless to say I didn't realize it was broken until later in the morning when I finally decided that the ER was a place for little running midgets with an injury.
Here is the real reason for telling you all such a story as that. Dr. Lundeen, a runner as well, was the lucky fella to deal with an overly paniced, self-motivated runner with a broken bone in his foot. Yes, you guessed it.....that would be me! After a few visits of not doing a dang thing, he decided that I could slowly get back into the training. I wouldn't really call it training during this time because I would walk and jog at a very slow pace for like 2 miles with tears in my eyes. This lasted for a few more visits to the great doctor of the west. After time and reluctant approval from Dr. Lundeen, I was able to run and begin my training at the higher level again.
It's almost a year later now and I have gotten stronger and faster every single month. It's amazing how the body can come back from certain injuries with the help of the right person. Dr. Lundeen you are amazing and I pretty much owe all of my success in this wacky ass sport to you over the past year. How many people live to run like this? Not too many! Not too many can actually accomplish their goals and really focus in on greater things within the whole running gig. So I guess, this was just a mega shout-out to my boy, Dr. Lundeen who has been able to keep me running through all of it! Thanks Doc.

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