Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Edition of the Run A Muck.. Wait, are those...Shorts???

So its a Monday which means one thing..... There must have been another race and it is time to do this blog thing about such race event. This time I was running/racing in the Run A Muck for the Reno River Festival 2010 with my buddy Chris Badolato from Reno. The only information that I had recvd on this doosy of a race was what I had read from Chris' blog from the year 2009. Hey, why not join the fun and whip out a quick 2.35 mile race on a warm Saturday afternoon? Well, enough leading up to the action...let's dig into it.

Race time wasn't until 2 in the afternoon. What in the world was I to do all morning long? Sit around and think how I would look in these shorts, well underwear(yes, you read that correctly; its not a typo), until race time? Yeah, thats what I pretty much did! Along with modeling my "costume" for my dad and his friend, I was hoping that it wouldn't get much colder outside or I would have to make a trip to the store and buy a smaller version of my costume! You know, it was all shrinkage!! :) Okay, so 1 finally rolled around and I met up with Chris, Abby, and Hannah at the Library parking garage and we walked to Abby's post at the corner of First and....ah, Idlewild? Got me as to what street it really was. Sounds good though. After a quick shoe change which is a pretty cool feeling cause now I feel like a real runner with switching shoes all the time depending on the situation in which I am running. That's a whole other story! Shoes changed, check. Shirts changed, check. Okay time for the warmup which was going to be the course so we could see what was going on with it this year. Okay, Reno 911 officers with fire hoses and squirt guns...okay okay I can handle that. Next up, straw bales to hurdle.....consider it done. Football players with pads, helmets, and hitting pads....piece of cake. Mud pit was next on the course....not a problem considering it wasn't all packed with kids having fun at my time. Okay, rounding the turn for home and then a gate maze....Okay okay, weave through that and haul butt back through The Super Troopers with water guns, one little round of hopscotch like a 5th grader trying to impress the ladies, a bubble bath and the finish line! He shoots and he scores! Phew, the warmup was completed!! We did a little extra warmup as we needed to hit a certain mileage for the day but that's not important at the moment.

Race time, 2pm! Chris whips off the shorts and I go blind! I whip off the shorts and the world goes blind! Good thing that everybody else was there too in off-the-wall costumes so my junk wasn't on total display for every spectator to oogle over. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-go; Chris was off and, wow, somehow started in like 7th place or something crazy! Get out of the way though cause here comes Captain Banana Hammock rolling through the field, junk and all, to hit the course. By the time that he had blown through all of the obstacles and raced back, oh yeah he lost the soap bar(our baton) in the mud pit, a commanding lead had been taken. What was my job then? To NOT relinquish the lead and bring home the bacon....or sausage in this case! :) Nasty! Anyways, this is turning PG-13 or NR pretty quickly, isn't it? We do the traditional high five as I take off from the starting line on my quest to run in most outrageous race the Reno offers. Reno 911 officers downed me with a quick squirt of Truckee River water, Straw bales cleared with only almost tripping on 2 of them, football players diverted(they were focused on some cute ladies at the time), mud pit slosshed through, maze(surprisingly easy) weaved through, another dousing from the officers, junk hopscotch completed, and the bubble bath which made me wish I had a rubber ducky with me, and finally the finish line! Task completed! 2010 Run A Muck champions! This would pose as a repeat for Chris, as he had won the event in 2009 also. However, we bested a lot of teams on this day. I hurried back to the corner at which Abby and my parents were posted for viewing pleasure only to change quickly and take off on the course for the cool down. We avoided all major obstacles and rounded out the day in good fashion at the awards ceremony. A pretty sweet helmet that is officially heavy and too big for my little head and a season pass to Alpine Meadows(which is restricted beyond belief) and the day was complete!

Thanks Chris for asking me to partner up with you on the run. Abby and Hannah, outstanding job at holding down the stop sign and for great picture taking. Although, Chris pointed out that I may want to change legs while injecting! :) Mom and Dad, once again you are always there to support me and all my wacky adventures. Good times were had by all and hopefully we can crank it out again next year.

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  1. i already have ideas swirling in my head for next year. my new goal is to get on the podium for the race AND the costume contest.