Monday, May 3, 2010

Reno Rock N River 2010.........

Looky Looky Looky, its a fine Monday morning and Im writing another blog. I have come to many conclusions after 3 straight weekends of my midget legs pumping out the miles in races. Conclusion #1: Coach Rick is a stud!!! Amazing how far I have come in the past some-odd number of weeks with his coaching.
Conclusion #2: Coach Diane and her nutrition wonders are also amazing. Who really knew that eating the right foods at the right times would really help that much? Oh....You did?? My bad! Thanks for telling me sooner.
Conclusion #3: My parents, what else can be said, are the best support crew in the whole world. They have been at every race for the past three weekends along with many more before that. It's the best feeling in the world when you are crossing that finish line and they are standing there there to give out the congratulatory hug and high five. Careful guys, I could get used to this and then you would have to become Kirk Groupies and follow me all over the country. :)
Conclusion #4: Reno actually got the race right this year and had an outstanding turnout!!! Yes yes yes, I am surprised as well.
Okay, guess you figured out that I am going to head off on another blog about the Reno Rock N River 2010 version. Damn your smart! Well, I am assuming that the marathon went off without a hitch at 6:30 like it was supposed to do. Why am I just assuming? At that time, I was snoozing in the pickup truck over by the Sands Regency waiting for the alarm to go off so I could get ready. Hey, had to get there early enough for a good parking spot. Whoa, off on another tangent....back on track here, come on Kirk. Okay, I did watch the start of the half marathon at 7 though and was very impressed by the turnout. It seemed like the line of runners/walkers crossing the starting line would never end. That is awesome considering last year it was cold, rainy, and flat miserable. Not too mention that the course was poorly marked last year as well. Hmm, would that be the case again? No! 7:30 finally rolls around with all the 10k starters in the blocks. I would make a bang at this point but they didn't have a little fake gun or anything so I'll just say "Go". The usual faces were in the know, Chris B, Fred Z, and some other intimidating factors. At this point, I was a tad nervous and looking for a porta potty! Good thing I was planning on a fast race so I could find one later if needed. Im not the quickest starter in the world but I could actually see Chris B for pretty much the first 2 miles. After that, he seemed like a spec out there on the horizon....or wait, that may have been a bead of sweat on my shades. Run Run Run, that is all that I could think of and the fact that I wanted to finish in the Top least. Out and back we strolled through Idlewild, down some other roads, back along the Crooked Mile, finally coming to a close back under the arch in downtown. With one final turn to go, my new Asics finally passed Scott Young for 4th place overall. I could hear him breathing down on me until Dad yelled for me to kick it up. Hey....and I listened to him! Not too bad for a little guy from Carson City. 34:42 and and 4th place finish overall. Chris B ran a 33:01 which is awesome and, one day, I'll hopefully be giving him a run for his money.
So congrats to Reno for finally getting the course correctly and managing what seemed like a good race. Weather held up and was beautiful while there were no shootings or drug busts along the path either. Win Win situation for everybody! Good race to Chris and Fred! Next up: The Run a Muck next Saturday! Good times!

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  1. you beat some stiff competition man, way to go!!