Monday, May 10, 2010

Lets Run for the Tatta's(aka Moms on the Run)...

Its Sunday May 9th in Reno, Nevada which means that its time for the 10th annual Moms on the Run! Waking up the usual 3 hours prior to race time and eating breakfast happened to be like clockwork this morning also. However, one thing was happening that is a little different than usual. My parents were up and they were heading to the race with me......oh not to support me this time but to support the Boobies and run the race as well! Nice props to the parents. Okay, my sister was coming along too and pushing her little ham of a child, Kyra, in the stroller in the race. She just wasn't up yet so I failed to mention her in the beginning. My bad sis! As designated driver to Reno High, I wallowed my way through the backstreets as we discussed race strategy between us. They had all changed their clothes at the house into their running garb so upon arrival and parking next to the Industrial Arts building, they ventured to the tailgate for race prep. Me, you ask, well I have a weird superstition type thing where I don't change into my race apparel until I am at the race. We will skip the R rated version though and proceed to the warmup...after said changing had occurred.
Well, I was pretty sure that I knew exactly what the course had in store for us since the majority of races run in Reno, at some point, go along this particular area. I walked to the starting line which was a hug arch of pink balloons. Okay, Garmin on and Ipod on, time to roll! Running westbound along Foster was a nice straight run, turning left onto..yeah that street(have no idea what name it was), I skipped the middle section of the course and turned left onto the finishing 1.3 miles of the course as the final prep for warming up. I had the good upbeat songs playing on the Ipod which helped me find the "groove" for racing this morning. Finishing the warmup back at the pickup truck, I changed shoes, took off the Ipod, reset the Garmin, and walked to the starting line. Finding my parents and Katelyn, I gave hugs and best wishes to all of them and lined up in post position #18 which was pretty much all the way to the right hand side of the starting line. Hey look, it was Chris coming over to give me a handshake and wish me luck. He had run from the gym to the race to check it out. Familiar faces are always a great way to ease the nerves a little bit.
Okay, the countdown was completed after the singing of the National Anthem and a quick prayer from the Mayor. Off to the races we were! I started out okay, not fast but not too slow either. I wasn't too sure how the legs were going to hold up from the day before but so far they were feeling the flow. 1.4 miles into the race I had taken over 2nd place and was holding strong. 2 miles into the race, feeling the burn now from the Runamuck, I had caught the leader and we were running side by side until the last quarter mile. Turning back onto Foster heading for the Pink Arch of Balloons this was going to be my time to shine....NOT! He kicked, I kicked....but his worked and mine didn't. Have you ever heard legs talk back to people before? I hadn't really ever heard it either but my legs skipped talking to me and began a kind of screaming that seemed to be like a child who dropped his ice cream cone in the dirt. Damn the bad luck! Oh well, 2nd place finish in the Moms on the Run 2010 isn't too bad. I didn't hit my time of 16:30 either which bummed me out but that just means more work to be done. Next up No Excuses 5k in Sacramento on Memorial day. No races between now and then so I wont have any....excuses!
Everybody else had solid races as well. My sister finished 178th overalll and was the 3rd stroller to roll in. Mom and Dad finished well under the 10 minute per mile mark and no walking occurred this race. Props again! Katelyn finished well too in under 28 minutes(I think thats what she said). All in all, a great day and a happy mothers day to all involved.

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  1. don't worry about the'll come. figure you lost 10 seconds just by running 12+ minutes hard the day before - only 10 more seconds to go!
    nice race, either way. those kids took off fast...